A Quarter-Century

Summer Evening (1947, Edward Hopper)

To know you is a thing that makes my life what it is – the reason I am special, lucky, the reason I am myself.

To have become who I am today with you, because of you, is among the things that I know for certain are true and real.

To have passed through the phases with you – haircuts, jobs, homes, friends, pets, likes and dislikes, discovering the things we began to love and the things we each decided to let go – has been a tremendous gift which I am lucky enough to have received and wise enough to have been open to. You are perhaps the one thing in my life that I know is not a phase.

To say that with you, there is nothing I wish hadn’t done, and nothing I wish hadn’t happened – it’s all good – is just one of the things we have learned of and from each other, just one of the wonderful things about the way we have learned to be.

To know that all of life changes but perhaps that you will remain with me in an indestructible way, is what you have given me.

Happy 25th Birthday, Asvajit – 8 October 2012.

2 responses to “A Quarter-Century”

  1. Angelina Senevirathne Avatar
    Angelina Senevirathne

    Beautiful Subha

  2. Lovely! Brilliantly put. All the best for both of you guys!

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