Other Writing

EROTICS Research, South Asia: Chapter 2, Sri Lanka study
Not Traditionally Technical: Lesbians and the internet in Sri Lanka

Where have all the queer women gone? (GenderIT)

LET WOMEN DECIDE: Feminist Perspectives on the ‘Abortion Debate’ (Groundviews)

The Women Are Still Here: The Mothers and Wives of Sri Lanka’s Disappeared and the Trope of Reconciliation (Options Magazine)

Keep Off The Grass (Groundviews)

It’s Personal; It Should Be To Us All (Groundviews)

The Namal Rajapakse Twitter Fiasco (The Republic Sqaure)

The Word “Feminist”; published in Options July 2013 (Women and Media Collective)

The Lankan Monks that Believe in Violence; published in Tehelka April 2013

Women’s Human Rights Defenders, published originally on Groundviews

Between The Artist and Hugo, published originally on Groundviews

Saying No to Oprah, published in Options (Women and Media Collective)

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