Other Writing

The Men I Know:
A ‘young feminist’ from the third world speaks from inside the #MeToo moment(s) (Deep Dives)

EROTICS Research, South Asia: Chapter 2, Sri Lanka study
Not Traditionally Technical: Lesbians and the internet in Sri Lanka

Against All Odds: Sri Lankan Women at 70 Years of Independence (Groundviews)

Where have all the queer women gone? (GenderIT)

Personal/Political: reflecting on the occasion of 10 years of Groundviews

LET WOMEN DECIDE: Feminist Perspectives on the ‘Abortion Debate’ (Groundviews)

The Women Are Still Here: The Mothers and Wives of Sri Lanka’s Disappeared and the Trope of Reconciliation (Options Magazine)

Keep Off The Grass (Groundviews)

It’s Personal; It Should Be To Us All (Groundviews)

The Namal Rajapakse Twitter Fiasco (The Republic Square)

The Lankan Monks that Believe in Violence (Tehelka April 2013)

Women Human Rights Defenders (Groundviews)



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